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Montblanc made the decision to launch their first e-commerce store in the U.S. with the additional goal of expanding their positioning as one of the world’s top luxury writing instrument brands into a leading luxury watch and jewelry brand. Bosio was able to bring the global and national executive teams essential experience on how to successfully launch the brand in the US. Thus far, products had solely been distributed by wholesalers and brand boutiques. Our approach was to benchmark the current market place competitors and best practices to give the executives a solid understanding of what customers would be expecting from a luxury brand’s online store. We supported the team in creating specific branding, user experience, merchandising and technology requirements essential for successful implementation into the online store.

Once the strategy and requirements for the e-commerce site were finalized, Montblanc needed further support in executing the action plan during the online store development. Bosio supported the creative, design and technology teams and partners during all development phases for successful integration of the strategy and requirements. During the production and execution phases we assisted Montblanc in developing and launching the U.S. e-commerce site. Montblanc was able to implement the brand’s identity and communication into the e-commerce site and at the same time created a seamless integration into the existing Montblanc company site.

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