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Sony Ericsson’s global retail executive team approached us to help develop an international e-commerce strategy. At the start of the project we assisted Sony Ericsson’s executive team in a due diligence process to gain understanding about current market trends, economic potential, and key competition. This process increased transparency and gave the executive team the necessary parameters for building a results-driven e-commerce strategy.

Based on these results we worked with the executive team and their international counterparts on creating a global e-commerce vision. By bringing together the executive team and the international counterparts Sony Ericsson achieved a high-level of vision alignment right from the beginning. In the next phase of the project the executive team defined strategic e-commerce goals combined with clear milestones. During a global e-commerce workshop which was attended by the executive team and key project stakeholders, goals and milestones were communicated and refined. Together they created a successfully aligned plan to execute all activities across various business and marketing departments. The results were clear directives and a strategic plan that Sony Ericsson was able to put into execution.

Parallel to the development of the e-commerce strategy we helped Sony Ericsson create a unique brand experience and brand message on the e-commerce site that communicated the company values and identity and precisely displayed the companies positioning in the marketplace.

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